February 20, 2018

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MK7 GTI Clutch – 5000 miles follow up review

The 5000 miles follow up is here!!! To recap, this review is on Black Forest Industries Stage 4 Clutch kit.  This clutch was originally installed to replace factory clutch that started slipping with car having just over 12,000 miles.  The car has been tuned since 800 miles and has not seen stock power since.  Since last review the car has been at the track and set new personal record quarter mile time of 12.678 @ 109.80 video here.

There is no denying that the clutch at this point is doing an amazing job.  There is no messing around.  The clutch grabs hard and holds hard.  You can see the video of the car here going 2nd through 5th gear and how good the clutch reacts with fast shifting.  The more I drive the car the more it feels like its grabbing better when starting to drive from a dead stop.  Going between gears is smooth and there is no issues what so ever.  After putting about 5000 miles on the car, I am totally comfortable taking the car to the local grocery store or making a 500+ miles round trip out of state. At the track, I was confident that I can count on the clutch to do it’s job and it absolutely did.

At this point, there is no doubt that I would recommend anyone who wants or needs their clutch upgraded to consider and go with this clutch kit.  Only drawback that some might find is the chatter from the clutch. From personal experience, I have not seen a clutch kit yet with SMF that doesn’t have some amount of chatter so that should be expected.  But if you can get over that part, you should really give this kit a thought as it will get the job done and not leave you hanging and wondering if your clutch is going to make it or not.


I purchased this clutch kit based on my own research.  BFI is not involved in any way nor have they paid me to write this review.  This is written on my own opinion based on my experience and I am extremely happy with the results.  Now I can’t wait to get the car back to the track perhaps one more time to beat my quarter mile record and get the full potential out of this clutch!

Thanks for taking time to read this review and feel free to email me with any questions you might have at info@gtireview.com

Nenad - 2015 VW GTI